Saturday, 31 December 2011

Truth of Earth in 2012

It is just a fable that earth will meet its end on 21st December 2012. There is no possibility of earth meeting its catastrophe. There is no planetary or asteroidal movements that can strike the earth in future years. This is the day of winter solstice. This favle actually rose from fact that Sumerians discovered a planet that would have struck in May 2003 and this day was forwarded to 2012. But all this are baseless. NASA is regularly observing planetary movements. All this were actually connected with the fact that ancient Mayan Calendar will end in 2012. But this just like 1st January after 31st December, so next long count of Mayan Calendar will begin after 2012. Even the fact of polar shift is also baseless. This is because it is never possible for Earth to rotate in the reverse direction.

To know more Click here to go to NASA website

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