Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Steps to create JAR files

All java programmers wonder how they can release their codes. It is advised not to release the source code but the application. But to create the application it is necessary to create an Executable JAR files. All Java enabled mobile phone users are well aware of the fact that all phone apps and games are installed from JAR files.
Now what is this JAR ? It is nothing but short form of Java ARchive.
Contents of a JAR -->
1 : It contains all the class files of your project which were generated by compiling your source code.
2 : It contains a MANIFEST file.
3 : All other files and folders that are necessary for running your project. For example an Images folder that contains images.
Now what is this MANIFEST file ? It is a simple text file that defines which class has the main method. With this definition only the project will be able to load or start the particular class file.
How to create MANIFEST file ? Open a text editor and type Main-Class:classname and press Enter and Save in a file named manifest.txt. For example --> Main-Class:StartUp
After you have all class files, folders and manifest files, follow these bsteps -->
1 : Go to Start>Run. Type cmd and press Enter.
2 : If your path is already set then go to your project directory using cd command.
3 : Use jar tool now to create jar file. Type jar -cvmf <jar file name> <manifest file name> <*.class> <all other files and folders sepearated by space> and press Enter. For example -->  jar -cvmf App.jar manifest.txt *.class Images
What does cvmf means ? the details of each letter is given below -->
c : stands for create JAR file
v : stands for verbose
m : stands for manifest
f : stands for files and folders

Monday, 30 January 2012

Hack Administrator Password of Windows7

This hacking method breaks into the safe of Windows7. This technique actually does not provide you the administrator password but gives you a chance change or reset the password of the administrator without knowing the previous password. Hence it will give you access to administrator's account using a new password of your choice.
Perform the following steps to accomplish this task -->
1 : Open command prompt. Go to Start>Run and type cmd and press Enter
2 : Type net user at command prompt. This will list all the users who are using the particular computer.
3 : Now choose bone user account which is of administrator type. Take for example : compute here.
4 : Type net user followed by user name and then asterisk and press Enter. For example in this case : net user computer * and Enter. The system will then ask you for new password. Enter a password of your choice. That's the end.
You have succesfully gained access to administrator's account.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Text Ediror with Java

This software or the text editor is very suitable for opening and editing existing text documents besides creating new ones.This editor has been developed simply using Java Swing combined with Java IO library classes. This editor works more or less as Notepad of Microsoft
Requirements : Java Run Time Environment(JRE) must be installed

Click to DOWNLOAD the Editor Version 1.0 from 4shared.com

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Hack a Remote Computer using its IP Address

Everyone fascinates about hacking a remote computer. You would like to hack a remote computer of your friend, boyfriend or a girlfriend in order to find out their secrets. You would think about using a browser to accomplish the task. But it is not the right process. Here I will tell about using a command prompt for this process.
NOTE --> 1 : The remote computer must be online i.e. the computer you want to hack must be switched on and connected to the internet.
2 : Firewall of remote computer must be off. This is because firewall prevents accessing a remote computer from an unauthenticated network.

The following processes should be adopted in sequence to hack a remote computer -->
1 : Go to Start>Run. Type cmd and then click OK. This will open command prompt.
2 : Change the directory. type cd C:\WINDOWS\ at command prompt. This is necessary as the commands required after this requires this to be done.
3 : Type ping ip-address at command prompt. This commandchecks whether the remote computer is online or not.
4 : In order to gain access to target computer it is necessary to check for open vulnerable ports. These ports are actually virtual ports where different softwares are brunning. To scan for these ports use a port scanner. E.g. port 21 denotes ftp, port 25 for SMTP and port 80 for HTTP.
5 : Type telnet ip-address port-number at command prompt. This will connect you to the remote computer.
6 : After connection you will be asked for username and password for user authentication. You can guess the password using Brute-force software which generates password for you. This will allow you to enter into remote system.
7 : Create a new Network Drive whose drive letter path is different from that is used by your own hard disk-drives, CD/DVD drives or Flash drives.
8 : Now you can copy or view files of remote system through that network drive without the knowledge of others.

WARNING --> This is only for educational purposes and not for causing any harm to others. It is completely discouraged to do so. I am not all responsible for any hindrance or any criminal activities carried out by you using this.

Monday, 9 January 2012

C program to create a computer virus

C language can be used to create a computer virus. The C code over here uses the dir.h and io.h header files to accomplish this task. The EXE file generated from this program when executed infects all the files that are present in the directory in which the EXE file is located. Now those files are ready to infect other files. It reads each file in the directory and infects it with a special virus code and thus infecting it. It first checks whether the file is already infected or not and then carries out its process.
WARNING : The code provided here is only for educational purposes. It is completely discouraged to use this code to do harm to any other computers. I am not at all responsible for any damage if caused due to misuse of this code

Click here to DOWNLOAD the C file from 4shared.com

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Creation of Nokia Themes for S40 phones

Nokia themes can be easily created by anyone. It is known to all users that themes supported by Nokia S40 phones Version 6 like Nokia C3 is of extension .nth. It means nokia themes. These theme files are package or compressed files consisting of images , sound clips and most importantly a xml file. The XML file contains XML source code which is used for configuring the style and look including code for connecting to default wallpapers, backgrounds and ringtones. One can easily edit a theme by opening a theme file with WinRar and then editing the XML file. But in order to create a completely new theme one have to create his own XML file which connects to backgrounds,wallpapers and default ringtones. Next the complete folder has to be packed into a .nth file format. To do this, one has to follow the steps listed below :
1 : First of all join Nokia Developers team at developer.nokia.com
2 : Click here to DOWNLOAD the tool Carbide UI Series40 Theme Edition required for theme creation.
3 : Click here to DOWNLOAD the Compact UI Plugins for Nokia C3 . For other S40 phones download the compatible plugins.
4 : INSTALL Carbide UI S40 Theme Edition.
5 : After installation go to Window>Preferences>Plugin Management. Select Add button and add the plug-in archive file.
6 : Now one can create or edit and a theme but should select the plug-in compatible with phone
7 : Package the folder in a .nth file by selecting Tools>Create New Package.

Monday, 2 January 2012


I used to to post at first in blog http://travelsciencetech.blogspot.com. Since it is a programming and technology blog only so I decided to change the url to http://prgrmtech.blogspot.com. But due to some problems the later URL was not properly avaiable in Google search. So I have now decided to stick to my previous URL only which is http://travelsciencetech.blogspot.com. If at anytime you people cannot track this one then track with the other. Any one of the URL will be available.