Monday, 26 December 2011

Encryption Software with Java

This software is used for encrypting or decrypting a file with and without password. Files encrypted with this software cannot be decrypted with others or others with this one because of difference in keys.
Requirements : Java Run Time Environment must be installed on your computer.

Click to DOWNLOAD the software version 1.0 from
Click to DOWNLOAD Encrypter Version 2.0 from


  1. There is a bug in this. Wrong password once given cannot decrypt further

  2. Once started encrypting, the application must be closed and start again to do other operations

  3. The software works faster in some cases and slower in other for same file sizes.

  4. I have gone through all these comments and reccomendations and have come out with a new version of this software. I will request you all to check this out. The new link is given in my post.

  5. The new version is much better. I will suggest make a better GUI