Saturday, 7 January 2012

Creation of Nokia Themes for S40 phones

Nokia themes can be easily created by anyone. It is known to all users that themes supported by Nokia S40 phones Version 6 like Nokia C3 is of extension .nth. It means nokia themes. These theme files are package or compressed files consisting of images , sound clips and most importantly a xml file. The XML file contains XML source code which is used for configuring the style and look including code for connecting to default wallpapers, backgrounds and ringtones. One can easily edit a theme by opening a theme file with WinRar and then editing the XML file. But in order to create a completely new theme one have to create his own XML file which connects to backgrounds,wallpapers and default ringtones. Next the complete folder has to be packed into a .nth file format. To do this, one has to follow the steps listed below :
1 : First of all join Nokia Developers team at
2 : Click here to DOWNLOAD the tool Carbide UI Series40 Theme Edition required for theme creation.
3 : Click here to DOWNLOAD the Compact UI Plugins for Nokia C3 . For other S40 phones download the compatible plugins.
4 : INSTALL Carbide UI S40 Theme Edition.
5 : After installation go to Window>Preferences>Plugin Management. Select Add button and add the plug-in archive file.
6 : Now one can create or edit and a theme but should select the plug-in compatible with phone
7 : Package the folder in a .nth file by selecting Tools>Create New Package.


  1. het! Its working extremely well. Post more interesting facts of mobile

  2. I was thinking of theme creation for a number of days and you have solved it.

  3. As soon as I learn new things i will post it immediately to help you people out

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